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1 min readMar 3, 2022

Three alternative funding options for postgraduate education if you are unable to secure a scholarship. (1. Self funding 2. Student loans 3. Student Bursary)
One mistake most potential graduate students make is to think that fully funded scholarships/funding are the only ways to achieve their study abroad dreams. This is entirely wrong because there are alternative means to funding your graduate program and relocating abroad through the study route. Let’s consider these options below:

One of the foremost routes to studying abroad if you do not qualify or can’t get a scholarship is through the self funding route. This option is highly recommended for prospective students who do not have either a first class or second class upper grades. Self funding requires that the student covers the full cost of his/her education as against a scholarship where either part or the full cost of education is covered by a third party. A great hack for self funding students would be to search and apply for schools with low or affordable tuition. Across Europe, there are low tuition and even free tuition schools that one can apply to. All you need is the right information and guidance, followed by a financial plan and commitment on how to garner resources to fund your studies.

If you would love to consider self funding your international education either within the EU or the Uk, do reach out to us on whatsapp or visit our website to book a school search for low tuition paying institutions.

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