11 Reasons to study in Belgium

  1. Study for as low as 835 euros.
  2. There are lots of funding opportunities to study in Belgium which is usually provided by the government, private individuals and even universities/faculties.
  3. Study in one of the most attractive countries in the world.
  4. Several Postgraduate courses are taught in English Language however you get to study in a multilingual environment.
  5. Low cost of living. Although cities in Belgium are quite busy and bustling, the cost of living is affordable.
  6. Experience life in the center and capital of Europe.
  7. Cheap short term French, German and Dutch language courses on campus.
  8. Work while you study.
  9. Rich cultural exposure.
  10. Affordable on campus accommodation available for international students.
  11. Enjoy cheap, affordable and convenient transportation as trains, buses and bicycles are available to convey you to your destination.



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